Q: What is on-line fulfilment?

A: When fans buy your CD album from the internet, our partners will manufacture and ship your CD straight to yours or your customers door.

We can help you set up an online sales page with mail order, for your CD Album.

The Kunaki Fulfilment Process

The Kunaki Fulfilment Process

Kunaki can manufactures each CD sale ‘on demand’ – so you don’t pay for a mass production run AND Kunaki, takes care of packing and shipping straight to the customer. Your customer’s order is dealt with exclusively from your sales page. We can remove the headache of setting up your product correctly with Kunaki and guide you through the process of successfully installing your online fulfilment page.

Kunaki CD album’s are of high professional quality, with full colour gloss printed Labels, Cover, Back and Tray.
See Kunaki CD Album Album Example

Furthermore there is an option for a free of charge Bar Code or you can supply your own.

What Price?

Your CD album is shrink wrapped and shipped to most places worldwide for a total cost of around £3.50* per item. You have the choice of adding your own profit margin to the sale. For instance, you could charge your customer’s £10.00, Kunaki will take their £3.50 cost and forward you £6.50 profit monthly

You don’t need a stock of CDs or the headache of sending them out.

Where we come in

It’s true you can go directly to Kunaki and set a product up for yourself, if you have the time to spare to learn how to get the best results, that’s fine. However if you don’t wish to spend frustrating hours only to find a fundamental flaw means you have to start over, then consider using our service.

We have years of experience involving setting up scores of various products on the Kunaki system. We have learnt from mistakes the hard way and have thus refined our system for obtaining the clearest and highest quality results.

Check out our “ALBUM READY” Packages and see how we can help!

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