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I can create a CD sales page for you with your CD Album/s set up for mail-order and worldwide distribution.

The page will take your customer’s order, then produce and mail the CD’s directly to your customer and forward you any profit that you opt for, via your Paypal account. The CD is mailed anywhere in the world for less than £4.00 (the manufacture and shipping cost).
For example, If a customer pays £10.00 for your album, Paypal will immediately notify and pay you £10.00. You then pay the fulfilment charge (£4.00 *) leaving you a profit of £6.00 for each CD!
You arrange the profit margin, you can even opt for zero profit if you like, for instance if you want to send promotional copies. But be aware that you would still have to pay the £4.00 fulfillment cost per CD!
You will end up with a profit making customer page and an account profile that will let you purchase and mail the CD for cost prices

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