Your music appraised?

These days getting your music across on a multitude of social networking sites can be a real headache for a new act. Sites such as Reverbnation and Facebook fan pages can be ‘content hungry’. As well as simply placing your music online with a few live gig shots they require text. Most music S/N sites worth their salt, will have a section labelled ‘reviews’ which is a great way for your prospective audience to evaluate what others think of you. Having a good review can lift the status of your music and good reviews are a must for your electronic press kit too! But obtaining a good honest review or appraisal is often easier said than done, especially near the start of a new bands career.

Who are we to help!

Our staff and partners have decades of life experience within many areas of the music business to draw from.  We are now able to offer an appraisal service that matches your needs, together we offer succinct copy that you can use that will shine a positive light on your latest masterpiece. It will appear in our Search Engine Optimised website review area with back-links to the websites and Social Media platforms of your choice. You are free to utilise the quoted copy wherever you please. The copy will include ‘sound-bytes’ and quotes designed to draw attention to the artist and their work, perfect for Social Media integration.

Our Key Writers

Steve Spontaneous

Performing artist, music producer, recording studio engineer and creative media technician

I am a veteran musician and producer and have built up an enormous amount of kudos and wisdom in my career. I have mentored and given advice to a host of artists, bands, producers and have written for many blogsites and magazines, I have gained a large respect for my work and performance on an international level. People are always asking me for my opinion on their music.  I am more than happy to lend my ear and put some positive and helpfull thought behind others creation.

Ella Jo

Performing artist, producer, radio presenter and writer

My experience regarding creation and construction of the musical form allows me to give constructive feedback on a variety of musical styles. Making judgements upon such a subjective craft is challenging, but understanding and advancing the basic form of musical material is always beneficial whatever the style. Thus pushing for high standards whilst recognizing creative expression is the criteria that I use in an appraisal. If an artist or their material has potential, I can suggest how to develop that talent with honest and positive feedback.

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